Flowers in January

January 2, 2009 at 9:13 pm Leave a comment

my lovely paperwhites

I purchased some paperwhite bulbs for the first time during our recent trip to Victoria, BC at Dig This, my favorite West Coast gardening store. I planted them about 2 weeks ago in an antique ceramic chamber pot I found at a neighbourhood garage sale last summer. It feel like I’ve found a treasure.

The weather forecast today was under -25C today, but inside my 5 paperwhites are shooting up and almost ready to bloom. Something alive and beautiful! Winter is lovely to look at and even fun to tromp around in when it snows, but I really miss my warm, sunny garden. Our trip out to Victoria and Vancouver was a great reminder of (the many reasons) why I love those cities. There’s something so peaceful, so sane about living alongside the quiet, steady progress of plants in the darkest months of the year.

Paperwhites are amazingly easy to grow. If you’re suffering from winter blah, or have a slight gardening obsession like I do, look for bulbs at the garden centre or hardware store (I also saw them available in kits at Superstore just before the holidays). Once you’ve got them, find a jar, bowl, plant pot or similar. Layer some rocks or old seashells in the bottom. Pour in water until it just about covers the stones. Set the paperwhite bulbs on top and rest the dish near a sunny window. Wait patiently for a few days and keep the water level so it just barely touches the bottom of the bulbs. Soon you’ll see pale white-yellow roots forming on the bottom of the bulbs. After that, keep the water topped up, watch them grow and rest easier knowing there’s at least one good thing about January.


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