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Orange delight


The Calgary Farmer’s Market has been bringing in a steady supply of blood oranges for awhile now. I love everything about them. You can see from the image above just how pretty they are. Perfect for bringing some vibrancy into the kitchen or dining room when they’re laid out in a bowl.  I’ve been eating them as a snack at home and doing my best to grate the red-tinged rinds to add to baking. My favorite is adding them to cranberry scones instead of lemon, and I’ve also used the grated orange rind in sugar cookies. I’ve also got a stash of citrus peel stored in the freezer – the blood orange season is a short one.


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Planted and growing already!


Sweet peas, sugar snap peas and regular peas, plus spinach, lettuce and a few carrots and beets, all planted out in the garden this past weekend, 4 days ago now. Amazingly, sweet peas are already nudging out of the ground. So exciting! Last year I planted these along a small section of our fence and was wowed by their beauty, and also by their ability to hang on long into fall despite a couple of frosts. This year I’ve planted them along the whole stretch of fence. They’re perfect cut flowers to bring inside the house, wonderful and fragrant to walk by and the perfect match for our lattice-style fence.

Hopefully our seasonal April snowfall (yes, woke up this morning to white instead of green!) won’t deter the sweet peas or the rest of the plants too much. I spent part of Sunday shovelling snow off the front garden and now doubly glad I did – it’s north-facing, so still a ways before anything we planted last season has a chance to thaw out.

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On Twitter: @nestandsparkle

twitter-bird-logoI discovered Twitter about 18 months ago when researching social media tools at work. At that time it was very new and only a handful of people were interested in hearing from us through that channel. Obviously things have changed!

This is my fourth Twitter profile – I have two for work, a personal profile and now this one, @nestandsparkle.  The latter is by far the most enjoyable. It feels natural and relevant to be sending out tweets about bits of inspiration from my life at home and in the garden. For example, seeing the first spring robins resting on our backyard fence. Tiny tulip shoots poking up from newly-thawed soil. Progress from the tomato seedling grow-op happening in our sunny south-facing guest room. Organizing an impromtu family dinner for 8 people + two dogs. All things that might not warrant a full blog post, or happen when there’s not enough time for writing and reflection, but still worth sharing. (more…)

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