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April 13, 2009 at 4:03 pm 1 comment

twitter-bird-logoI discovered Twitter about 18 months ago when researching social media tools at work. At that time it was very new and only a handful of people were interested in hearing from us through that channel. Obviously things have changed!

This is my fourth Twitter profile – I have two for work, a personal profile and now this one, @nestandsparkle.  The latter is by far the most enjoyable. It feels natural and relevant to be sending out tweets about bits of inspiration from my life at home and in the garden. For example, seeing the first spring robins resting on our backyard fence. Tiny tulip shoots poking up from newly-thawed soil. Progress from the tomato seedling grow-op happening in our sunny south-facing guest room. Organizing an impromtu family dinner for 8 people + two dogs. All things that might not warrant a full blog post, or happen when there’s not enough time for writing and reflection, but still worth sharing.

Twittering in this way reminds me of a lovely habit my grandmother had. Each year we gave her a new garden journal. Every day she would use the journal to record little things that had made the day special. Bird sightings. New flowers in the garden. Family gatherings. At the end of every year she would read back through what she’d written. It was a beautiful way to reminisce and account for the passage of time. I remember her showing me the book when I was a child, and reading parts of it to me; I remember thinking that it made a lot of sense to keep track of things that way. It’s very easy to forget what is special and unique about each day – her journals were a way to capture that richness and to revisit past experiences. It still makes sense, and I always enjoyed reading at least a few pages in the journal when we visited. It was a tool for sharing, always left out in the open on the kitchen table or buffet for any passing family members to glance through; because of that everyone who took the time to look had a chance to understand who she was and what inspired her.

That’s what you can expect from me on Twitter at @nestandsparkle. Slightly less elegant and tangible than a garden journal, but still a public timeline of all things inspirational, worth sharing and worth remembering for those who care to follow along.

You can follow my updates by visiting http://twitter.com/nestandsparkle. Watch this video from CommonCraft if you are still in the dark about Twitter.


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  • 1. nestandsparkle  |  April 13, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    I’ve noticed that the Twitter widget on my blog is on again, off again. Hopefully this bug will get worked out by the WordPress folks soon.

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