Rainy days

May 18, 2009 at 9:01 pm Leave a comment

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Today is the best kind of rainy day. It’s early spring, and we’ve just come off two warm and sunny days with temperatures in the high teens and early 20s (celsius). I know that the vegetable seeds I’ve been scratching into bare patches of soil all over our yard are relishing a cool drink. The lettuce and spinach sprouting in containers on the deck thrive in this kind of weather. The rain barrel is filing up for spring. And the four raspberry canes that arrived from my parents’ garden are happily easing into a new life in our yard after being transplanted into a cool, moist space along the fence earlier this afternoon.

We’ve spent a wonderfully restful rainy day together at home today. It began with waking up to the sound of rain and wind chimes outside our bedroom window. The first hour of the day was spent baking. I made my favorite scone recipe using blueberries and orange zest I had stored in the freezer. We enjoyed those along with fresh fruit and coffee. My parents dropped by with the new raspberries and we had a quick chat while planting them in the drizzling rain. Since then we’ve been reading by the fire with steaming mugs of a spicy mandarin and black tea blend from Silk Road called “Tea of Good Cheer,” which seems particularly fitting for the day.

I can’t think of anything I find more relaxing than a rainy day at home. I love the sound and smell of rain, the rejuvenating effect it has on my plants and garden and the way it slows everything down. It’s like a cozy blanket over the world, helping us renew and refresh so we’re ready for the sunshine again.


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