Mountain wildflowers

June 21, 2009 at 4:23 pm Leave a comment

calypso orchid

We spent the weekend up in Banff enjoying some rest and relaxation away from the city.  One of the highlights of the trip was wandering through the trails and discovering mountain wildflowers everywhere we went. Wild strawberries were in flower everywhere we looked. And calypso orchids (pictured above) were in abundance. I was so surprised to see the first one. I had no idea that Alberta had native orchids! They’re truly a beautiful sight. We photographed about a dozen different wildflowers during our trip, including Blue clematis, Indian paintbrush and fleabane.  I’m looking forward to doing some research to identify the rest of the flowers we saw now that we’re back at home. And I’m eager to start planning our next excursion, especially knowing that the height of the summer wildflower season is still ahead.

One note. We came across one fellow hiker taking a handful of wildflowers from the forest. I can appreciate being inspired by their beauty and wanting to hang onto that, but picking wildflowers is totally inappropriate, especially in a delicate area like the Rocky Mountains where the species are so interdependent! Far better to take a camera and capture pretty flowers that way, rather than to disturb the natural ecosystem (many wildflowers, including the calypso orchid, are fragile and even endangered in some areas) and spoil the enjoyment of these flowers by others walking along the same trail.


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