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Tomato Basil Sauce (taste of summer)

This summer I spent a whole day chopping up a 25lb box of tomatoes and cooking them into a tomato basil sauce that could be stored away for winter. Well, winter is here. No doubt about that. It’s snowy and cold here in Calgary, and it was frosty even in Vancouver, where we spent the Christmas week.

So, freshly home from our trip and with not much food in the fridge, it was time to bring out a jar of that heavenly sauce for a simple pasta meal. I added a small tin of tomato paste to it along with about 2 cups of fresh spinach, some finely chopped almonds, grated asiago and hot chili flakes and served it over brown rice pasta for a delicious, simple supper that tasted just like summer. Vegetarian and gluten free, of course.

The recipe for the sauce is below. I highly recommend devoting a day next summer to finding a big box of tomatoes and making it. It was a beautiful way to spend a day, and the experience of pulling out a jar of your own tomato sauce in winter time is about a million times better than opening up a jar of Prego. (more…)


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Shortbread cookies

Shortbread cookies are a favourite in my family, and I think for everyone’s family. It’s especially true at this time of year as we celebrate the holiday season by making and indulging in all manner of yummy treats.

The recipe I use is my grandmothers’, as is the pretty china plate you see in the photo above. It’s as simple as recipes get. I’ve changed it slightly to fit with my tastes using all organic ingredients and substituting whole wheat pastry flour for the normal all-purpose flour. All-purpose gluten-free flour can also be substituted here. These are delicious with a steaming cup of tea.

1 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups of wholewheat pastry flour

Mix together ingredients in a mixer or by hand until they form a smooth dough. Roll into 1-inch balls and flatten with a glass or cookie press. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden in a 325F oven. Makes about 24 cookies.

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Stuffed acorn squash

I am slowly turning on to acorn squash. I’ve always loved the way it looks, and the sheer simplicity of it. But it’s so rich that sometimes I find myself sated after the first few bites. I decided to try making it stuffed instead of the usual baked version with maple syrup glaze. It was delicious, a snap to make and perfect for a chilly winter evening. Below is a recipe for 4 people. (more…)

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