Simple tools for the kitchen

January 28, 2010 at 10:39 pm Leave a comment

I own great knives. When they first arrived, as a gift, I thought they were too much. Why did I, a mere home cook chopping away in my kitchen a few nights a week, deserve these perfect, light-as-a-feather Japanese knives? They seemed like art objects at the time and sometimes still do. Nonetheless, I had them, they were mine, bestowed on me by one much wiser than myself.

These knives are a joy. I love using them. I was reflecting on that recently as I slowly sliced several pounds of potatoes into paper-thin rounds for scalloped potatoes one night. It wasn’t a chore; it was a delight. The slow, repetitive movement was like meditating, and all the while I felt such pleasure and gratitude at that simple thing of being able to glide through a dozen potatoes and effortlessly create perfectly thin slices every time. No mandolins or gadgets for me, thank you.

When I read food magazines or cookbooks, chefs and people who are passionate about food always say, “buy the best knives you can afford.” They are right. I’d actually take one step further and say that if you really like to cook, then buy the most beautiful knives you can even if you can’t afford them. I think most of us waste money on things that are worth a lot less. I’d much rather be rich in the kitchen and broke as I walk past the queue at Starbucks.


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