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Small space gardens

I’m starting to feel very excited about my forthcoming foray into small space gardening. Look at this beautiful little planter box we spotted outside of Go Fish! in Vancouver. What more can you ask for? Tiny daffodils and narcissus, pansies, creeping something and spring time annuals. Even a little rock. Beautiful!


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Goodbye garden

Here begins the slow goodbye as we trade our current in Calgary’s frigid Zone 3 for a patio full of pots in Vancouver’s lovely Zone 8. When we arrived in our current home almost three years ago the gardens were a blank slate. And now, just when things are finally settling in and filling out, it’s time to move cities.

I love gardening. There are few things I would rather do than spend my days planting, digging and tending to a garden: nothing is more peaceful, calming and real to me than cultivating a little plot of land and watching it grow.

What’s pictured above and below here – the pots and the six inches of dirt are similar to what’s available in our new place. I guess in some ways things won’t change at all. In Calgary I can see the first chives and my pretty violets starting to poke through the earth. I think if I can take a few of them along with me to Vancouver that will be enough.

March 21, 2010 at 9:22 pm 2 comments

New beginnings

The comforting signs of spring – warm weather, the return of colour, longer days – are everywhere right now. Finally! I love spring for the sense of possibility and renewal it brings, the joy of new growth, the way we all sink into our more relaxed and real selves.

Normally by March I have a scraggly group of seedlings growing in various pots and trays in the sunny south room in our house, but not this year. This year instead of filling up pots with dirt and flowers we’re emptying them out and packing them up for our new adventures in beautiful Vancouver. This year I’m the one doing the growing. New city, new house, new garden, new job and the excitement of sharing it all with family and friends old and new. It’s refreshing and energizing in the same way spring is.

I feel exactly like these two beautiful sunflower seedlings – newly awakened and basking in the warm sun drawing in strength and energy for the season of growth and beauty that lies ahead. I can’t wait to see what else is growing when we get there.

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Go Fish!

I’ve eaten at many Vancouver restaurants, some of them on the quite fancy side, but it’s a little fish and chips place just around the corner from Granville Island that grabbed me by the heartstrings on our last visit to what will soon be our new home. (more…)

March 12, 2010 at 11:53 am 2 comments

Flower season begins

After several years of gardening in Calgary’s frigid Zone 3 climate, we are planning a move to balmy Vancouver, which I believe is Zone 8 (!). This weekend has been filled with househunting but also cherry blossoms trees in full bloom, magnolias unfurling, proud clumps of daffodils and pretty purple crocuses. (more…)

March 7, 2010 at 2:15 pm 5 comments

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