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Cherry blossoms are here

This is the cherry blossom tree blooming outside my bedroom window. A row of these pretty pink trees run along the street in front of our apartment building and I can see them when I wake up every morning and also when I’m working in my little studio (which is not a lot lately since it has been taken over by a tomato grow operation).

Fluffy pink and white trees are flowering all over the city and with crocuses, daffodils and other floral delights popping up everywhere I feel a bit like a princess in a fairytale land. When I’m out walking or in the garden I can see pink petals are floating down from the sky and lying scattered on sidewalks and cars like a dusting of snow. Really, if you’re living in a place that still has actual snow, I don’t understand why. Come join me in lotus land instead.


April 4, 2011 at 9:53 pm 2 comments

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