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Impossibly pretty measuring cups

Does occasional frivolity translate into simple happiness? Money was washed down the drain this weekend for the sake of these porcelain measuring cups, found at Anthropologie (where else?). An unnecessary luxury yes, but look at them. How could I resist? They really did tug at my heartstrings, so why not?

Now that I own them, I’m happy that I traded my hard-earned cash for such pretty objects. They are stationed in a place of honour in the centre of our kitchen table for all to admire while I decide where they should live.  For now, I’ll gaze lovingly at them and feel oh-so-special measuring out portions of flour and sugar for baking. I very much doubt they will be stashed inside the cupboard like their dull plastic predecessors. It is a slippery slope, of course, these precious objects. They do make my plastic mixing bowls look a bit dowdy in comparison…


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Cedar wrapped salmon

We are grilling again after an arduous journey to convert our natural gas BBQ to the propane tank variety. I made a great find while wandering the accessories section of the exciting BBQ showroom and parts store in North Vancouver we went to to fix our BBQ: thin cedar papers that can be soaked and wrapped around fish or vegetables.

The taste is the same delicious westcoast flavour of cedar plank salmon, but without the hour-plus soaking time and scorched board at the end of the night. Just soak the thin strips of wood in water along with some kitchen twine for 10 minutes and use them to wrap up salmon filets dressed with olive oil and freshly ground pepper. Roast for 10 minutes a side on the top rack of the BBQ (indirect heat) and you’re done. I served ours with sliced avocado and tomato and new potatoes – simple and perfect for a summer dinner.

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A sunlit feeling returns

This is how it feels to be back at life after a lengthy stretch of way too much work. I’ve been trying for the past couple of years to keep my work-life balance under control, mostly unsuccessfully. Last year I spent about six months freelancing, which I loved for all its flexibility, but add moving, travel and family crisis into the mix and things were barely manageable. Next up was work commitments that added up to at least full-time-and-a-half, and that wasn’t great either. After that: major event plus surgery plus another (more) major event. Sigh.

But now things are suddenly looking much different. The family crisis that was still is and always will be. There is nothing easy about it. But the way everything else is suddenly lifting away is a revelation. My health is not perfect, but far better than it’s been for years. The giant work projects that were such a challenge are complete and emitting a lovely glow of success. What’s left now: summer, travel, patio, garden, cooking, reading, visiting, resting, writing, normal work and searching for what’s next. The life equivalent of this pretty rainbow of sunlit gerberas.

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