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Mink Chocolates Artist Series Bon Bons

You can count me among those who would prefer to sit at home all day munching on bon bons. I guess receiving bon bons at work is the next best thing. These lovely confections, Mink Chocolates’ ‘Artist Series Bon Bons’, were given to me as a gift of thanks after a recent festival. Aren’t they charming? The yellow rainboots and the pretty rose are my favourites (I know, you never would have guessed). (more…)


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Cornucopia Food and Wine Festival

If you ever have a chance to marry someone who works in the wine industry, I would recommend it. I happened upon this quality by accident and after the fact, but I think if I had to do it over it would be requisite. There are no obligatory rubber chicken dinners in that business; it is all champagne and truffles, amuse bouche and demi-glace, sparkling water or still. I am always delighted to be the tag along spouse, especially when it means going to events like Araxi’s 30th anniversary bash at the Cornucopia food and wine festival. (more…)

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More fall leaves and flowers

Roses in the rose garden at Stanley Park

Sunshine has been so present in Vancouver this fall. A gorgeous September rolled over to a bright, beautiful and mostly dry October and we’re having a very gentle entry into the idea of November as well. Like last weekend. we were out walking the neighbourhood and parks again this week enjoying the fall colour and the sunny skies while they last. (more…)

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Bean, lentil & kale bake

This is a recipe that my mother in law made for dinner when I was over at her place for antipasto weekend last month. I believe that all food made with kale (like this recipe and this one) holds a place of unrivaled virtue. It makes me feel like a health-nut superstar when I eat it, and I am always happy to add to my kale repertoire. (more…)

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