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Bike love


I have more to show and say about California, but since it is Bike to Work Week I thought I should post a few pictures of my new wheels.

Before this year, I’d never participated in Bike to Work Week (or any bike to work days, really). For a long time – most of the years I’ve worked, actually – I’ve walked to work, or occasionally taken transit or bummed a ride from my loving hubby. All of which has been fine, but walking can be slow and all the bike-friendliness in Vancouver made me want to start cycling instead. Plus, with my better half training for the 122-km Gran Fondo to Whistler, it was hard not to feel like I should be riding somewhere!

bike 2

My old bike was a mountain bike that wasn’t great for commuting, so off it went to Kijiji-land and I found this beauty on Craigslist about a month ago. I’ve been happily cruising the streets of Vancouver since then.

5 star cruisers

Obviously there are lots of environmental and health benefits to this biking to work business (most people lose 13 pounds after the first year, for example), and as someone who works at a desk most days and has hobbies like reading, writing, and eating, the exercise is welcome and needed.

I am also enjoying the fact that it’s fun, plus the camaraderie with fellow cyclists I see on my journey to and fro each day. Yesterday a woman waiting beside me at the intersection on a more serious-looking bike said “I love your bike!” and I said “I love my bike, too!” We both showered it with compliments until the light changed, and she looked a little jealous at the end. Then, further down the road, the peppy Bike to Work organizers serving coffee and bike-loving propaganda cheered for me and took my picture when I drove past their tent. How nice is that for a Monday commute? Today, when it was pouring, all of us cyclists were like a little club, grinning at each other and admiring our pedal-powered virtue. I’m sure it will be the same tomorrow, when it is also supposed to be pouring.

6 speed

I do look forward to the day when, like my hubby and cycling comrades, I too will be able to effortlessly zoom up Vancouver’s hilly slopes. I’ve been getting my butt kicked this week riding to work since it’s been raining, and also because I am just back from 10 days holidays. With the exception of walking San Francisco’s formidable hills, most of my time was spent eating, drinking and lounging beside pools and vineyards. All of these activities are quite different than riding your bike to work, not to mention the actual working part (phew!).

I did actually miss my job and colleagues while I was away, so that is a bit like the icing on the cake for my soggy, sweaty and joyful start to Bike to Work Week.

rain fender

bike basket


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California dreaming


Imagine picking your way across a sandy beach on a weekday afternoon – waves rolling in, cool water pulling at your feet, peachy clam shells catching your eye, the rest of the world somewhere far away – that’s what Southern California feels like to me. Slow, dreamy, quiet. Summer breezy. Can you tell it’s been too long since my last vacation?

Here are a few photos from Carpinteria, Los Olivos and Santa Barbara where much time is being whiled away.







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