A Tale For The Time Being, by Ruth Ozeki

January 27, 2015 at 2:45 am Leave a comment

I really liked this book. I think almost anyone would. It reminds me of The Night Circus that way – a novel I can recommend far and wide. A Tale For The Time Being is a page-turner, easy to sink into, and even though it is full of very erudite themes, like philosophy, quantum physics and Zen Buddhism, you never feel like you are stretching your brain too far since the narrative is structured around the diary entries of a teenage girl from Japan. This makes it light and easy to read, despite the fact that you are being enriched by substantial questions like what is the nature and meaning of existence. I am full of admiration for Ruth Ozeki because of this. It would be easy for the book to be dry and academic, but with her style of writing it is playful, thoughtful and engrossing.

I find myself with lots of time for reading while I spend hours and hours breastfeeding our new baby every day. The book has to be very good, though, as I am always exhausted since we seem to have created the worst sleeper in the world! I’d welcome any recommendations for good books. There are two good used bookstores plus the library and beautiful Munro’s Books in walking distance of our house and it’s always nice to be able to browse the shelves with a purpose.


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