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Ye olde stomping grounds

It’s hard not to love you, Vancouver. 


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Dining al fresco

When I was pregnant this was my favourite bench – a serene spot in the Government House gardens. It is about halfway between my house and downtown, perfect for taking a break when I was carting around that huge tummy.

Now that baby is here the bench has become one of my emergency feeding stops. Most days I have our little one out in the carrier for a long walk and it is usually the case that he won’t make it all the way home without a meltdown. A bench in a quiet, private setting is like a desert oasis when you have a screaming baby attached to you and you’re still 20 minutes from home. And given the many, many hours spent breastfeeding each day, it’s a treat to have a change of scenery from my couch.

The garden is beautiful right now with all the spring things coming to life. Daffodils, cherry trees, primulas, hellebores, rhododendrons, camellias and many other blooms line the pathways. Just beautiful for walking after baby’s al fresco lunch.





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Ode to the PBJ


My normal routine for Sundays or stat holidays is to batch cook some meals for the week so there is always something healthy and good to eat in the fridge/freezer during the hectic week. Soups, lasagna, muffins, that sort of thing.

Today I celebrated BC’s Family Day holiday by making a batch of peanut butter sandwiches. If you know me or have been reading here for a while that should give you a sense of how life has changed since welcoming a newborn into our lives eight weeks ago. It’s killing me not to be able to cook, but there just isn’t time. The most elaborate I’ve gotten is a pot of soup (once) and poached eggs on toast a couple of times a week. Those are the good days when you have time to make an egg.

The humble PBJ has gotten me through the a lot of hard days and nights. I’ve started making them in batches, freezing them and then taking one out when the night shift begins. I’ve gone through half a kilo of peanut butter this way since the baby was born. Not sure this is doing much for my quest to regain my pre-baby body, but there is nothing like a PBJ when it is 4am and after screaming all day a bright-eyed someone has decided this is playtime.

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