Early summer garden

June 15, 2015 at 3:31 pm Leave a comment

 Here are a few recent photos of our garden. Lots of roses in bloom, plus lavender, calla lilies and some beautiful purple things that I don’t know the name of yet. 

Lots of herbs – chives, sage, thyme, parsley, oregano and the most delicious smelling mint that is calling out to be made into mojitos. The mint and sage are growing into the grass and every time we mow the lawn it’s like heaven.   I can’t wait until tomatoes and basil start coming. They are just in the flower and seedling stage right now, but our back deck is smoking hot so hopefully it won’t be too long.  I also planted cucumbers and a couple of varieties of hot peppers. I haven’t grown either before, so I am hoping for the best. The greens are all doing well. I wish I’d planted spinach earlier as it is already going to seed from the heat, but baby chard and beet greens work just as well for salads, pasta, etc.

 My parents have been amazing at helping me carve out some space for edibles in our overgrown perennial beds. We’ve cleared out lots of invasive stuff – buttercups,  Queen Anne’s lace, bergamot – to make room for blueberries, strawberries, beets, carrots, and a raspberry patch along the back fence. I had my first raspberry today, in fact, when I was out watering while the baby napped. Then I felt guilty since it is supposed to be his raspberry patch. He is 6 months old tomorrow, which means starting on solid foods, so he can actually eat raspberries now. Or at least mush them around. How time flies. 


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Ricotta pasta with greens and tomatoes Salmon soba salad

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