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Fruitful neglect 

A new born baby. A 2.5 year old toddler. Family and friends staying over, dropping by, bending over backwards and then some to help. Life is a beautiful, exhausting chaos right now. So is the garden. Seeds are unplanted, weeds have gone wild and little people are tromping through the strawberry patch and knocking the blossoms off my blueberry bushes playing soccer and t-ball. As imperfect as it all is, things are thriving in their own way, reminding me that sometimes neglect is what our gardens need. A break from the incessant tinkering of gardeners and a chance to really grow. Some fallow, messy patches where kids can play with dirt and rakes and worms and trucks. Places to observe the beauty of broken fences and weeds. The time for perfection will return; now is the time to let the lovely chaos reign.


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