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Here comes spring

Rain and February. It is hard to separate the two. Today was one of those rare days where they took a break from each other. It was such a treat to be outside in the sun, especially with these crocuses showing off on our patio. It’s still cold, only 6 or 7 degrees celsius, but warm enough for gardening. I spent a couple of hours puttering around outside cleaning up, planting primulas and sowing basil, tomato and lettuce seeds that I’ll grow inside for the next month or two. (more…)


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Spring bulbs already sprouting!

It’s hard to believe, but the first shoots of snowdrops and crocuses are peeking up in gardens around the neighbourhood, including mine. This photo was taken yesterday afternoon, which you can see was lovely and sunny compared to today’s drizzle and grey. (more…)

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Crocuses everywhere

A few photos to show you that spring has arrived in Vancouver. Our daily two-block dog walk has turned crocus crazy the past couple of weeks. These pretty purple, white and yellow flowers are everywhere – in gardens, around tree trunks and best of all, littered wildly along the curbs. They are even attracting a few sleepy bees.

More spring flower photos here.

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First flower spotted: snowdrops

I spotted my first flowers of the year a few days ago: a couple of snowdrops blooming on my patio. I planted a handful of bulbs last fall hoping for spring blooms, and here they are already. I wish I’d planted a hundred more.

There are other plants in my garden right now – ivy, bamboo and violets all survive the winter here in Vancouver – but the snowdrops are the first sign of growth. Two seasons wrapped up into one tiny flower – a shoot of green and snowy white that pushes us to accept the thin hope of spring while chilly grey days with gloves and scarves continue for a little longer.

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It gets cold in Vancouver during the winter, usually only for a few days at a time, but long enough that it has taken a toll on a few of my patio plants. My black-eyed susans are now black all over and dormant until next summer, and the Norfolk pine that we painstakingly moved from Calgary is black as well, its branches drooping downwards in complete surrender. We also had a few tropical plants on the patio for the summer months that unfortunately didn’t make it inside before frosty days arrived. I’m not sure what I’ll replace these plants with. It’s sad to see them go, but I’m sort of excited to have the pots empty again to try new things. It’s also an excuse to visit one of my favourite places – the local garden store.

Despite the cool weather and the occasional snow flurries this month and last, the snow drops and crocuses I planted in the fall are already coming up and a few winter violets are still holding on. There are even buds forming on some of the neighbourhood trees and shrubs, and I know that it won’t be long before the bare branches of the cherry trees lining our street are alive with blossoms. It’s dark and cold these days, but I know it won’t last. We’re very happy to be in Vancouver and looking forward to a wonderful growing season ahead.

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