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Island time

sooke sign

17, 18, 19 degrees Celsius, with glorious sunshine: this is how long weekends should be. We spent three days on Vancouver Island in Sooke and Nanoose Bay, all of them peaceful, restful, and slow. I spent time in the garden, on the deck, the dock, the beach and I started an inspiring new book. We went to the My-Chosen Cafe on Happy Valley Road in Metchosin and then did a quick walk through the trails at Witty’s Lagoon. During our time in Nanoose we went cycling around Parksville and enjoyed Rathtrevor Beach at low tide, which is one of my favourite places to be, beach-wise. And, of course, we ate like kings and queens during family meals.

All in all a wonderful sojourn and a reminder of how refreshing a few days of Island time can be.

plum and heathers

sooke primula

signs at wittys lagoon

wittys lagoon

blackberry flower

sooke camelias

englishman river

rathtrevor beach

rathtrevor seashells

sooke fog


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East Sooke Regional Park

Today we went for a hike along the easy trails in East Sooke Regional Park. Here is the view from the top of the trail marked Iron Mine Bay. We sat here, on top of the world, for quite awhile before finally climbing down again. Below us were seagulls paddling in the calm bay and below them was a sea of silver minnows. There were tons of little succulents growing from the rocks where we sat and admired the view. I wish I had a rock garden full of them.

The park has everything you might hope for: row upon row of cedars, a floor of ferns, moss carpeting everything, pine needles and soft pathways underfoot, spirit restoring quiet and wonderful views.








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How not to make plum pie

Do not think that you can just throw a pile of freshly picked plums into a plate pressed with pastry along with a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon and imagine that a perfect pie will emerge on the other side. It will look beautiful, yes, and it will smell divine. But it will be SOUR! Your dinner guests – in laws, no less – will take a bite and then look at you with an expression that your husband helpfully calls “bitter beer face.” Your dreams of domestic bliss will be shot down once again.

Instead, use a recipe that calls for lots and lots of sugar. Or pour honey on top of each slice of the failed pie, along with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, to help drown out the taste.

Luckily I have about 10 pounds of these beautiful golden plums sliced up and packed away in my freezer thanks to the fruit-laden tree just outside the front door of my parents’ new place on Vancouver Island. I will try the pie again. You are all invited.

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Island time

We spent the Easter long weekend enjoying four days of beautiful weather in East Sooke. It was the first break I’ve had from work and school since January and it was so nice to be away from the routines of life for a few days. Early spring is an idyllic time to be on Vancouver Island, as you can see from the photos here. We did a whole lot of nothing while we were there …

… went for walks on quiet country roads

… sat on the deck and stared out at the ocean

… checked out the creatures on the beach

… puttered around the garden

… imagined apples growing on summer trees

… visited the Sooke Harbour House for Easter lunch (and remembered getting married there almost seven years ago!)

It was bliss. I can’t wait to go back.

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Flowers + snow

Winter on the west coast is at its best when flowers and snow collide. Take these two scenes: above is a picture of a cherry tree in bloom just off Davie Street and Burrard in Vancouver’s west end. I took this picture today when I was wandering around on my lunch break. This seems shockingly early for cherry blossoms, but the photographic evidence speaks for itself.

And below, in the same neighbourhood on the same day, just a few hours earlier, is the view from my office window of the 20-minute snowstorm we experienced this morning in Vancouver. It was a great start to my week to be able to gaze out into the swirl over emails and Monday morning coffee.   (more…)

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Pacific Spirit Park

Spend an afternoon one day soon wandering the quiet woodland of Vancouver’s Pacific Spirit Park. We explored this regional park a couple of Saturdays ago and I came away from the day feeling grounded and calm, the same way I do after all nature walks in inspiring green spaces.

Pacific Spirit Park reminded me a bit of Goldstream Park on Vancouver Island (one of my favourite parks anywhere) with its big tall trees, crushed stone pathways, and lots of cool shade to balance out a hot day. What I loved most about it is that it’s an urban park located adjacent to the UBC campus. Large green spaces are such an important thing for cities to have.

I hope you’ll go. It’s just a short bus or bike ride away from the vibrant city hustle of downtown. (more…)

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Glittering like jewels

Now that we’re in Vancouver, I’m discovering a new version of the west coast that is thriving, vibrant and urban. It’s an ideal place to situate my passions for food, gardens, and culture and I love living here a little more every day. Still, after spending last week exploring our old stomping grounds on Vancouver Island, the allure of returning someday remains. (more…)

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